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ITS ALMOST HEREEE!!!! March 9, 2011

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WOOOO! We hope you guys are as excited as we are about our GREAT trip on Saturday! We have finally reached the moment where we will all be together  in a van, sleeping on each other, choosing what rockin’ tunes to play and playing mafia till dawn breaks.


Last minute reminders of things to pack! Let’s pretend we’re on what not to wear!

DONT wear theses!

Wear THIS!

DONT wear this!

sorry anik & aaron i know you guys were SO excited to wear this!

DO wear this!

everyone loves PLAID!!

DONT wear this!

Wear THIS!!!

or maybe something that fits a LITTLE better!

preferably one that matching your car seat as this stylish baby did 😀

HAHA really just something like this with LAYERS is perfect!

of course if you have more specific questions you have our contact on the trip packet or just shoot us an email at asbharpersferry2011@gmail.com

SO MUCH ASBLove Blyss & Emma


Meet our Chaperone! February 22, 2011

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woooooo we have a chaperone!

Arron Blum is a BU alum from Sargent ’02 and is currently a SMG MBA student.  He is also a physical trainer at FitRec and loves camping and road trips.










ASBlove, Blyss & Emma


it’s the environment yo

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As you may know, we are a trip addressing the “environment” issue area.  But now you might be asking yourself, “why is the environment even an issue area in the first place?” Well, we have complied a TOP 5 list of reasons to answer this question for you.

Why the Environment is Important (in the eyes of Blyss & Emma):

5. Trees. Tree-climbing, tire-swings, tree-forts…none of these will be possible if we don’t take care of our trees.

4. The ozone layer – this little blanket of gas is actually preventing us from frying in the sun so let’s keep it intact

3. ANIMALS! We share the environment with them and sharing is caring.

2. The circle of life (since we are going to pride rock on this trip)

1. The environment is the world we live in – if we don’t take care of it now, who will?

Here’s a video we found that’s kinda cool:


ASBlove, Blyss & Emma


Woooo ASB 2011 is on its way!!! January 31, 2011

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Hey All!!

We are SO very excited for our fellow volunteers who woke up so early to register Sunday! We appreciate your dedication 😀

I hope all 7 of our WONDERFUL volunteers are as siked as we are to meet you all and commune with nature! We are still in the midst of planning for our trip and other great plans but stayed tuned for our new single “Harper$ Fairy” (which may or may not be influenced heavily by Ke$ha)!


Get ready get set ASB!!!!! January 26, 2011

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Are you excited?!?!? ASB REGISTRATION IS SUNDAY at 8am!!!! So make sure you have your morning ‘joe and fast fingers and get ready for ASB!!!

If you’re still weighing your top choices and need some more information, come check out our INFO FAIR at the GSU backcourt from 7-9pm! But if you can’t make it and but still want some more information on our wonderful trip, you can email us at asbharpersferry2011@gmail.com and ask us ANYTHING – we’ll answer any random questions or concerns you may have about our trip or ASB in general.

TO REGISTER: this link will direct you on your registration journey HERE –>  http://www.bu.edu/csc/opportunities/community-service-center-programs/asb/


Imagine yourself on our trip…….





So YAY hope this made you want to harpers ferry with us because its gonna be a BLAST!!!!! 😀

– ASBLove   Emma & Blyss




Even Simba thinks Harpers Ferry is Cool December 10, 2010

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Hey guys!!

Now that we have introduced ourselves and shown you how cool we look as space travelers…it’s time for us to tell you some more about HARPERS FERRY!

Harpers Ferry is located in the top north-east corner of West Virginia (at the intersection point of West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland…trip goal to stand in 3 states at once?).  Since we are an environment trip we will be working outside in the National Park  (http://www.nps.gov/hafe/index.htm)

Our service will include:
• Winter storm damage clean‐up efforts
• Removing non‐native plants
• Building and maintaining hiking trails

and it’s going to be AWESOME because it looks like this –>


hmm…look familiar?

SO get excited!!!

Also we checked out the weather today and it is currently 29 degrees and a 30% chance of SNOW!!! And when we go in March the weather is predicted to be around 60 degrees with the occasional rain showers so it’ll be PERFECT spring weather.  And this is SPRING break soo…. 🙂

AsbLove, blyss & emma


btw check out this awesome beard!?


Here’s your AWESOME COs straight from Outer Spacee!!! November 29, 2010

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Don’t we look FLYYY 😀